Today a drunk guy tried to touch me on the train (and actually did touch me) and was really rude. I told Tatsuya to ignore it, but when the drunk guy got off the train, he kicked Tatsuya, flipped him off, and then ran to a train station security guard when we got off the train to follow. So I spent about 30 minutes talking with the police and filing a report when all I really wanted was to go home and sleep. It was a pretty sad experience, though I do admire the efficiency of the Japanese police.

In the end the drunk guy cursed at and threatened the police so much that they escorted him back to the police station where I imagine he will be staying tonight.

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2 Responses to “Chikan”

Ian Says:

Sorry to hear that… What a shitty experience. You’ve got to wonder what he was thinking running to the security guards when he was obviously in the wrong. What a moron.

lostinjapan Says:

Thank you, Ian. I think he was trying to say that it was all our fault and that we were harassing him. But he *was* drunk. Completely drunk. >_<

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