Happy March!

As I suspected, I’ve been using the blog feature a lot more since installing a cross post plugin.

Today I learned how to skin my panos a little bit, and so I republished my Nomura Building Panorama with it.

Nomura Building Flash Panorama

I’m not sure if the logo is just too obtrusive to load in the center. Maybe I should pick a corner or the bottom of the panorama as you really can look around before it’s all loaded.

Well, it’s 3:47am, so I guess I should get to sleep.

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3 Responses to “New Skin & New Month”

Markus Says:

I think the new skin looks nice, have to make one myself too once. Will you do custom controls too or just the splash screen?

lostinjapan Says:

Thank you! Yes, I’m surprised you’ve taken so many and don’t have a skin :)

I want to do custom controls and info window overlays, but I have a lot of other work to do too -_-

lostinjapan Says:

Actually no, I’m not really surprised. I half think that too much skinning can take away from the beauty of the photography. I like simplicity, so those black % loading pages look very nice to me too.

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