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It’s taken far too long for me to do this, but today I updated my WordPress blog to allow crossposting in LiveJournal. This makes me very happy because it means that I don’t have to feel like there are two seperate blogs to update, and it also means I will probably be more inclined to post.

I have some bugs to work out. I need to know if comments in LJ are also crossposted to my site. I will leave a comment for myself to find out. :)

Oh, and I also added a multilingual support plugin, but I’m not sure how that will work with the other plugin.

Anyway, changes, but good ones :)

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2 Responses to “WordPress Updates”

Kendall Says:

wow, how do you set up cross posting?
not that ill be needing it anytime soon… but it sounds interesting. I just started my own little private blog on wordpress. practicing a bit on my own, before i go public with any rambling thoughts.

but i cant figure out how to change the darn blog name!

lostinjapan Says:

I’m sorry for getting back to you just now. How did your blog work out? Can I have a link? :)

About changing your blog name, I agree. It should be much easier to find in WordPress, but it’s just not. It took me an hour to find it the first time.

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