Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku functions as Tokyo City Hall and also houses two free observatories for tourists. North and South observation decks are located on top two floors and provide a good free way to see much of the city while shopping for souvenirs at the observatories’ gift shops. Unfortunately, Tokyo Tower is not visible from the North Observation Deck (and perhaps not the South one either).

Tokyo Metro – Nishi Shinjuku Station
JR – Shinjuku Station Tokyo Metropolitan or West exit

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Homepage & Observation Deck Schedule

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on Wikipedia

Flash Panorama of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku (Tokyo, Japan)
(click & drag to move; ctrl = zoom out / shift = zoom in)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku

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lostinjapan Says:

Thanks :) Limited view, but the tile killed me >_<

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