Tokyo Bay Cruise Nakakin Panorama

Today I had the good fortune to finally attend a private karaoke party / dinner Nakakin Tokyo Bay Cruise. Cruises can be reserved for parties of 25 – 70 members and include all-you-can-drink alcohol and lots of great Japanese food like nabe, sashimi, tempura, etc. In addition, there are great views of Tokyo Harbor both inside and outside the boat. These cruises are really an awesome way to have a private party.

Our cruise was about 2 hours long, but I felt like I ate and sang enough to get more than my money’s worth. How much, you ask? Well…the prices can be a bit steep – 10,500 yen = about $100 per person in the off season. Cruises are more popular in the summer Yukata / firework season and the cost goes up accordingly.

For more information on booking your own cruise, check out the following website. (Japanese)

Flash Panorama of the Karaoke Party
(click & drag to move; ctrl = zoom out / shift = zoom in)


Flash Panorama of Tokyo Bay
(click & drag to move; ctrl = zoom out / shift = zoom in)


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2 Responses to “Tokyo Bay Cruise (Nakakin) Panoramas”

Kendall Says:

Amazing pictures!
I wish we had known about this earlier too! t’would have been nice to have a boat party and get dressed up in yukatas or jinbe. (i never got to wear the awesome one that Mika got me just before she left :P well, not in public anyway)

lostinjapan Says:

Thanks for the comment, Kendall :D I wish we’d organized one of those too. We also never got dressed up as geisha in Harajuku :P

I’m still fixing up my site and getting more panos up. I took some cool ones of the International Forum yesterday (as did Hae Jung) but she is much faster at stitching than I am.

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