Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise Flash Panorama

The Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise is a dining cruise around Tokyo Harbor. Guests have their choice of French, Italian or buffet lunch, sunset or dinner courses. There is also a bar lounge course with appetizers and wine as well as a tea time course of cake or just coffee.

The most reasonable meal course is the lunch buffet at 5,000 yen ($50 USD) per adult. The cheapest course is the coffee “tea time plan.” This includes a cup of coffee and the cruise for 2000 yen ($20 USD). There are three different dining rooms as well as a bar lounge “Oceans.”

I took the two-hour lunch buffet cruise in July 2006 when my parents came to visit Japan. At first it seemed that the buffet table was so small that there wouldn’t be enough for everyone. I could practically feel the tension around me. When they finally announced that we could serve ourselves, a flurry of senior citizens ran faster than I thought possible (faster than me!) to get food. I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be anything left, but the Sympony staff were prepared with more food in the kitchen. They kept bringing fresh platters out until we couldn’t eat any more.

The lunch was very good, but the highlight of the cruise was being able to go up on deck and watch as we sailed through the harbor and under Rainbow Bridge.

The pier is located a 1 minute walk from the Yurikamome Line’s Hinode Station or a 12 minute walk from the JR Hamamatsucho Station
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Symphony Bay Cruise Website (English)

Flash Panorama of the Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise (Tokyo Harbor, Japan)
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Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise Flash Panorama

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2 Responses to “Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise (Tokyo Harbor, Japan)”

Markus Says:

Nice pano, never took one on a ship “yet” :D

lostinjapan Says:

Thank you again for your comment! I need to comment on your blog too :)

Taking pictures on the ship was fun, but several panos were unusable because of things going by the ship too fast – for example I wanted to stitch the one as we were going under the bridge. It would have been cool, but it was too warped to work.

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