Shiodome City Center & Caretta Shiodome Flash Panorama

View of Shiodome City Center from the Yurikamome Shinbashi Station. The Caretta Shiodome Building containing the Wicked Gekidanshiki Theatre is also visible in the distance. Shiodome City Center is a modern building which houses many corporate offices and restaurants. The view from the top-floor “sky” restaurants is exceptional.

As a personal anecdote, I particularly enjoy visiting the small Subway sandwich shop just through the glass doors in the panorama. The next Yurikamome Station (Shiodome Station) also houses a Subway. This is one of the many reasons that I love Shinbashi. (The free Advertising Museum, great Green Tea ice cream and Sky Restaurants in the Caretta Building are others.)

The Shiodome City Center Website (English)
The Caretta Shiodome Website (English)

Flash Panorama of Shiodome City Center & the Caretta Building (Tokyo, Japan)
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Shiodome City Center & Caretta Shiodome Flash Panorama

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James Says:

I miss this place, and I loved discovering it thanks to you.

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