Korean Temple Flash Panorama

This Korean temple was close to Namdaemun Market, but I couldn’t read the characters on the temple or around it to tell what it was called.

Flash Panorama of a Korean Temple (Seoul, South Korea)
(click & drag to move; ctrl = zoom out / shift = zoom in)
Korean Temple Flash Panorama

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2 Responses to “Korean Temple Interior (Seoul, South Korea)”

Markus Says:

Again very nice one, sure there are some minro stitch erros, but for handheld panos, you did an amazing shot. I hope theres more where that came from :D

lostinjapan Says:

Thank you again, Markus! Well, I’m almost out of Korea, but I still have many backed up panos :D And of course the real goal is to get all these finished so I can take some new ones. Thanks to you, I have my setup complete and aligned and just waiting to go into Tokyo :)

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