Gyeongbok Palace Flash Panorama

Geunjeong-jeon or Keunjeong-jeon is the Imperial Throne Hall of Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul. Built in 1394, it is Korea’s largest surviving wooden structure. Kings used the hall for state affairs, official functions and for receiving foreign envoys.

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Flash Panorama of Gyeongbok Palace (Seoul, South Korea)
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Gyeongbok Palace Flash Panorama

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2 Responses to “Geunjeong-jeon – Gyeongbok Palace Throne Hall (Seoul, South Korea)”

Markus Says:

Another fine pano, great work.

lostinjapan Says:

Thank you, Markus. That means a lot coming from you. These Korean ones were all taken handheld, so they were a real pain to stitch, but I’m glad that after two years I finally finished them.

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