This is the first post of 2009! Whoo hoo!

That’s pretty pathetic considering that it’s almost February, but I have been trying to be productive, and I think you’re going to see a lot more work and projects popping up online soon. I have several websites in the works, I’ve been redoing many panoramas that I will be adding my panorama world map, and I’ve been learning how to Flash better than I ever thought I would. :)

Things that I’m not doing always haunt me, but I’m settling into 12-14 hour “work” days and believe I will be able to pull off fitting a few more things in – fan translation and brush making, for example. The problem with working at home is that you’re at home, and so you can really be distracted by the dishes in the sink, the unmade bed, your growling stomach and the fridge…

Don’t get me wrong, this life is GREAT, but it’s hard to stay in any kind of shape, and it”s difficult to focus on working like you do when you go to an office and leave your personal life behind.

My goal this year is to get many projects / businesses rolling and to push myself more than ever to be creative and assertive and healthy. My goal is not to grow up, but I do think I’ll probably be buying some suits. It’s my resolution this year to look more like a professional on the outside to match the kind of professional I want to be on the inside.

So it’s 8:40am, and I am going to get the cleaning and shower and everything done to start work and business meetings at 9.

If I can keep the momentum, this year is going to be great :)

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