One short month and I have done so many things. I am still behind in everything, though, and I just realized the page I’ve created that has the most public views is broken in some versions of Internet Explorer. How mortifying! I checked with all the browsers I had, but I still didn’t catch it, and it totally breaks the layout. Back to the drawing board with the css probably -_- I can’t let this version of the site live past this weekend.

Speaking of websites, I have two new website ideas, but both revolve around my new hobby of Google map hacking. I don’t want to share my ideas just yet, but you will probably see this site grow a lot over the next few months.

So things I’ve done this month…
1. started to change my visa
2. went to Disney Sea
3. attended lots of goodbyes
4. finished Harry Potter Years 1-4
5. google map hacked
6. stayed in Shinbashi
7. saw a model at work in Shiodome
8. found a new French cafe and Italian restaurant near my home
9. decided on a spending limit of 1000 yen/day when I stop working

I have 5 more days of classes until my life will be my life again and exactly 1 month until I leave Japan for exactly 1 month. I can hardly breathe; I am so excited.

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