Last night I drempt that many of the people that I would like to forget came to visit me in Japan. They were staying for just a few days, and I had to work the whole time they were here, so I never had time to take them out to Tokyo or do anything interesting. They left thinking my life was boring and unpleasant and far beneath their own. I was stressed by their constant derision and upset that they had shown up in my world.

I didn’t get the feeling from the dream that my life really IS boring, just that the circumstances were less than ideal for me to show them the things and places I love and am interested in now. I was frustrated because the dream didn’t allow me the chance to stand up for myself. Also I felt that there was a misunderstanding between the visitors and I that had continued from the time we were young until now. I realized they were incapable of believing me or in me. I believed in myself, the validity of my life choices and my own happiness, but I gave up on showing them that. I felt defeat, frustration, indifference, and finally contempt for them.

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