Okay, it’s a little embarrassing that it took me as long as it did (2 days) to figure out how to use SSP, but in my defense, I didn’t realize that .flv files wouldn’t be visible locally. So there I was, previewing and previewing, thinking there was something wrong with all my video files.

After much work, I have a slideshowpro 1.8 trial slideshow running above this post, and a test slideshow with video at http://www.lostinjapan.com/SSPtest.html

It took many long hours to get the video to work, but now I finally know how to do it.

So that I don’t forget…

  1. You can crop and resize videos in Flash Video Encocer C3 at the same time

  2. video thumbnails are linked with the code:
    <img src="video.flv"  tn="thumbnail.jpg" caption="caption" />
  3. the video thumbnail is put in the thumbnail folder if the path was specified in the album definitions
  4. Background Alpha 0 means transparent, 100 means opaque (maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but it wasn’t to me)
  5. Most importantly, video files are NOT able to be previewed locally. They must be uploaded to your webserver

What a grueling 12 hours I spent figuring those things and a few others out. -_- Still, when I look at the pretty transitions, I feel all silly happy again. I am going to upload some videos of Japan soon. :)

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