Last night I was in a game room of sorts with wooden walls and straw on the floor. It was the kind of game room you’d see in an old circus or demonic amusement park. My friend, a guy, had to make 70 tickets with a fixed amount of plays or the ringmaster / carnie person would kill him. I helped my friend play…is it called skiball? get tickets. He easily won enough to win his life, so we both questioned the seriousness of the guy in the corner forcing us to play. Was there some trick? Could it really be that simple?

I discovered during the dream that I had a strange parasite attached to my nose. I tried to pull it out carefully, but it broke. I was able to get more of it out – about two inches in all, but not all of it. I later found out that trying to remove the brown worms just made them multiply. I was looking forward to some really bad face days. I also learned that I had been exposed to the parasite when I went somewhere or ate some special kind of fruit. I kept this a secret.

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