I’ve been wanting to make a dream blog, but as it’s not going to happen this week, I’ve decided to stop holding off and actually post some recent dreams.

April 22nd – I kept waking up and thinking there was a huge tortoise with the head of a chiwawa in the room. People were gathered around it grooming it or worshiping it. It didn’t seem threatening to me, but it wasn’t particularly cute either.

April 23rd – I was Jenny Schecter in the L Word, so I was generally evil and conniving.

April 24th – I dreamt that I was a skateboard champion trying to sabotage other people in the competition. It reminded me of Mario Kart because we were skateboarding in an abandoned building with parts of the floor missing. It was also my high school and my jr. high, and I was both a student and a teacher. My student, Ishiguro, played a jazz violin solo for me and got me back into playing the violin. I was in competition with Kendall for something. I also forgot which class I was supposed to go to next, and I was dreaming I was failing because I never went to class and took notes. But then I remembered that today I had 2nd period free (remembering my teaching schedule)

This dream is significant because it combines 3 separate dreams that I’ve had in the past, most notably my recurring dream about failing because I’ve forgotten my schedule and dreams about being a teacher in Japan.

These dreams aren’t as cool as the ones I held off posting about, though. Man, get this dream blog up and running, Kim!

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