I found a piece of heaven this week. It’s called the United Cinema ‘Slouc Cafe (…Sweets & Library)’ in Urawa. It is both a sweets cafe and a library as the name suggests, though I would have put libary before sweets in the title. Their specialty muffins are dry and their drinks are overpriced, but the view of the city, gentle music and relaxed atmosphere more than make up for it. Forget the cupcakes; forget the coffee. Come here to feed your soul and for a nearly perfect environment to study, think or create.

Get a drink, sit down, and you will be surrounded with the most wonderful books related to the cinema and theatre. There is no need to worry if your Japanese reading isn’t the best as there are a fair amount of English books mixed in to round out the cafe’s collection. To me, the real allure of the cafe is that it pulls off an upscale and artsy atmosphere while managing to stay totally comfortable.

Back to work…

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