I am missing a movie as I type because I am waiting for Tatsuya, and Tatsuya isn't off work yet. I thought programming at the Slouc Cafe would be a nice idea, but every time I get here, I tend to relax rather than do anything productive. I mean to be productive, but then I fall into the trap of researching on the web.

For example, let's say I want to redesign the width of the website I'm working on (and I do). I search google for some design method, and soon I'm following myself in circles around CSS, Eric Meyer, design sites and A List Apart until I'm ready to fall over. All the while I'm meaning to do work or learn something important, but I just come up for air with my head ready to explode.

Today I learned some very important things.

  1. I should design my sites using Jello or Elastic Design
  2. Forms inserted into tables have blank space after them unless you set the margain-bottom to 0

more important link(s)

Ah, and I should remember that the

<xmp> tag is obsolete and that there is no way to break it in php, though I found the following code very useful if I ever want to build a comment box:

Php's Wordwrap Function

I am exhausted >< I think I am going to get back to editing the design before I fall over and get nothing done today.

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