Il fait tres beau aujord’hui. I want to type accents, but I haven’t downloaded an IME that will let me. -_-

Last Friday I DID meet up with Tatsuya’s friends and I met someone who really is a last samurai. Who knew that he would be a normal office worker at a computer company now, keeping his family crest a secret?? I had very nice cake with Mr. Samurai and talked about anime and TV-shows. I love that all Tatsuya’s friends seem very down with popular culture.

But the best night I’ve had in a long time was last night. I had dinner at a young couple’s house in Aoto. From the very first hajimemashite I felt so comfortable. I’ve never felt like that about anyone that I’ve been with before in Japan. We talked for hours in Japanese, and *I* talked for hours in Japanese. In fact, it was the first time I’ve ever really REALLY talked in Japanese and held my own in the conversation.

Thinking back on last night I realized that I do have the ability to express myself quite a bit in Japanese, but I just haven’t met any people I’ve really clicked with. Not until last night anyway. I hope we can meet them again soon and invite them to our part of Tokyo. Of course that means cleaning quite a lot…

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