Such a grand title deserves a grand entry, and I only have a few moments to type out my thoughts. I’ve been taking myself on mini-dates lately when I leave the embassy or when I go somewhere to meet Tatsuya in Tokyo. I’ve been going into the city several times a week and falling in love with it again. I know that I have a special attachment to Paris and New York, but if I didn’t, I think Tokyo would be the city of my dreams. It is bigger than any American city and full of so many interesting things at every corner.

Yesterday I went to Omote Sando and bought macarons from two different shops in a small French “food court” called the Metro Marche or something like that. There were three different cake shops, a bakery, and a French Bistro. There was also an Italian restaurant, and a Vietnamese restaurant, but hey, at least they got the atmosphere and the music right. You could order wine to go with your meal from small menus. It’s probably the nicest food court I’ve ever seen.

Last Friday I spent the evening in Shinbashi, listening to a woman sing the girl from Ipanema in Portuguese, eating French Bread, sharing drinks and escargot at an upscale bar, and then dining at a “Sky Restaurant” on the 46th floor of…Caratt? I forgot the building name, but it was a really nice evening. The restaurant burned a hole in my pocket, but it was fun.

I’m thinking of exploring more around Omote Sando and Yoyogi next.

And I think the single most satisfying thing recently (besides the escargot), was that I went to the Embassy yesterday and was kind of proud of all the work I’ve done. It’s starting to shape up. Of course then I got home and spent an hour trying to fix an “error” because our embassy version of php and mySQL are different. So right now I’m a little defeated, but it will work out. I’m feeling…like I’m moving forward a bit, and that’s nice.

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