I always want to write something truly grand when I’m planning my next blog update in my head, but by the time I make it to the computer all my passion has left me. I feel like I just want to say what happened as quickly as possible, and I my entry turns into a no-frills schedule entry.

So in really concise terms, this is what is going on.

  • Tatsuya started a new job yesterday.
  • I met him in Shibuya after work and went to the “Food Show”
  • I bought some amazing cakes and sushi and got sick eating them when I got home.

But one thing I do have to say is that I tried my very first French macaroon yesterday and I could NOT BELIEVE MY TASTEBUDS!!! It was like…a mini piece of layer cake inside a milimeter-thick crunchy cookie shell. I MUST learn to make these cookies, so I’ve included a link to another person’s trials here:

Return of the Macaroon

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